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Five Novellas (75 pages each)

I-5 Corridor is tense, dramatic, destruction of the I-5 Corridor that runs thru Redding, CA five tankers carrying a chemical that should never get together with another chemical. But, due to circumstances… they do. Survival and love are intertwined in the story.

She wore a Yellow Ribbon
Two young sisters abandoned and left to fend for themselves. The older takes on the responsibility to care for her sister who is mentally ill. Life and love go hand in hand.

Internet Romance
Is it safe or dangerous? What happens when you think someone is good or bad and then you meet. What happens?

Whispering Pines
At a rehab home in the Trinity mountains, is a place where people can get help for their problems.
But a dangerous element has entered and brings evil with it. Why? Who?

Agnes and Blanch
Two women who are friends decide to travel to see friends and family. One must say goodbye, and one must say hello.

It is my pleasure to inform you that my book A Compilation of Shorts, Volume 2 is now an Ebook! You can get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, Apple and ASBeBooks

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A Compilation of Shorts
By Marilyn Keeton

The best all-around description of the short story was given by Stephen Vincent Benet: “Something that can be read in an hour and remembered for a lifetime.” ‘A Compilation of Shorts’, is another work of fiction by the author Marilyn Keeton. 27 short stories; In it are; stories for children, inspirational, dramas, mysteries and Sentimental shorts. Put it on your list of 'things to do'.
Available in Large Print

A Compilation of Shorts 2
By Marilyn Keeton

16 shorts; drama, sentimental, and sci-fi.

Quest for Forgiveness

Woman in Crisis

The Quest books follow a woman in crisis. Empty-nest syndrome, middle-age crisis, and the big one 'the Change'. Everything you value is gone, and you are searching for meaning and self-worth. Your children are raising their own families, your husband is in his own little world and that leaves you…alone.

With a sense of loss, a disconnection with what was valued but now has no meaning, you begin to fantasize about what lies beyond the reality of your world. It is at this point in your life you become vulnerable.

Quest for forgiveness

 Enter Marlee Whittacre, a successful realtor, mother of five, grandmother of four and a wife of one. Yet, her life feels empty, and she is soon seduced by a handsome archaeologist / adventurer who wants to show her something new and exciting in Egypt.

Coming! In Search of the Locket (Sequel to Quest for Forgiveness)

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